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Children may wonder: Which is my real family tree?  The one from my birth family or my adoptive family?  The answer is that both families are real: The family they entered through birth and the one they entered through adoption, love and choice. The first family gives the child roots, while the child's adoptive family forms the branches and new growth.

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Want to be an adoptive parent?

The following traits are necessary in a good adoptive parent:

·          Stability

·          Maturity

·          Dependability

·          Flexibility

·          Ability to ADVOCATE for children

You will need the following:

·          Criminal background check

·          Fire inspection

·          References

·          A home study

You can become an adoptive parent if you are between the ages of 21 and 65 and have a stable home.  You can be single, work outside the home, and be any race or ethnic origin.  There is no educational requirement and there are no fees to adopt waiting children in DSS custody. If you adopt privately, the adoptive family will need to pay for the adoption to be filed and completed.

Adoption is a legally binding transfer of all parenting rights and responsibilities to an adoptive parent forever.

For additional information regarding adoption, please call (704) 487-0661 and ask to speak with a Foster/Adoption Licensing Social Worker.


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