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Frequently Asked Questions
about Cleveland County Government

NOTE: If you have other questions that do not appear on this list, call the County Manager's Office at (704) 484-4800, or send an email.

1. When does the Board of County Commissioners meet?

  The five member Board of County Commissioners meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 6 p.m. in the commissioners chambers, second floor, County Administration Building, 311 East Marion Street, Shelby. You can get a copy of the meeting agenda by calling the County Manager's Office at (704) 484-4800, or online.

2. Where do I get a birth certificate, marriage license, death certificate or deed?

  The Cleveland County Register of Deeds office is responsible for deeds, death980-484-5100 980-484-5100 certificates, birth certificates, marriage licenses and other papers of record. The office is on the first floor of the County Administration Building, 311 East Marion Street, Shelby. Call (704) 484-4834 for more information or online.

3. How do I register to vote in Cleveland County? 

  Call the Board of Elections office at (704) 484-4858 for complete information.

4. Where can I get a map of my property?

  The Planning and Mapping Department has maps of property in Cleveland County. Online property maps are available via the Internet. The office is located on the first floor of the County Administration Building, 311 East Marion Street, Shelby. Call (704) 484-4979 for more information.

5. Are there any programs for Veterans?

  Yes. The Veterans Services office will help you file claims and applications. The office is located in the county personnel office, basement floor, County Administration Building, 311 East Marion Street, Shelby. Call (704) 484-4803 for more information.

6. Where should I call for an immediate response to a medical emergency or other life threatening situation?

  Call 911 for all emergencies. The Communications Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer EMERGENCY CALLS FOR HELP. All non-emergency calls to communications should be made to (704) 484-4822.

7. Where can I get help with stray animals or where can I find a pet?

Animal Control is responsible for picking up stray and abandoned animals. The phone number to call is (980) 484-5100 .

8. Where do I pay my county property taxes?

  Property owners pay their taxes at the Tax Collector's Office, located on the first floor of the County Administration Building, 311 East Marion Street, Shelby or on the internet at Cleveland County Online Taxes. Call (704) 484-4843 for more information.

9. Who do I call to appear on the Board of Commissioners agenda?

  Contact the County Manager's Office at (704) 484-4800.

10. Where do I get a building permit?

  The Building Inspections Office handles building permits. The office is located in the basement of the County Administration Building, 311 East Marion Street, Shelby. Call (704) 484-4997 for more information.

11. Does the Cleveland County provide any health service?

  Yes. The Health Department provides a number of services. Most of these programs are for people who are unable to secure private medical attention. Call (980) 484-5100 for more information.

12. Where can I get financial assistance?

  The Department of Social Services  has financial assistance programs. Guidelines for eligibility exist. Contact (704) 487-0661.

13. How do I get a business/privilege license?

  Cleveland County does not issue business/privilege licenses. Federal and state laws govern business licenses, however if you are located inside a city limit you should check with your city or town to determine if they require a license. You are required to obtain a business/privilege license from the North Carolina Department of Revenue. The phone number is 877-252-3052 and their website address is To register your business name with Cleveland County, you may do this with the Register of Deeds office located on the first floor of the Cleveland County Administration Building, 311 East Marion Street, Shelby. To obtain a Tax Identification number, contact the IRS at 800-829-4933 or apply online at

  Cleveland County issues beer and wine permits for businesses. Call the Tax Collections office at (704) 484-4843 for more information.

14. Where is the License Tag Office?

The License Tag Office is a state, not a county office. It is located at 118 North Morgan Street in the old Wendy Lynn’s Lamp Shop Building at the corner of North Morgan and Sumpter St. The phone number is (704) 487-4551.

15. How do I get a law enforcement officer to speak to my club or school about drugs?

  Contact the Sheriff's Office at (704) 484-4817. They will have a D.A.R.E. officer contact you.

16. How do I get a county employee to speak to my church or civic group?

   Contact the County Manager's Office at (704) 484-4800. You can also view the list on the Speakers Bureau which list County Personnel who are available to speak to your group.

17. Who do I contact about any available jobs with the county?

  Contact the Human Resources Office at (704) 484-4833. The county job listing can be heard at 484-4819 and is available online.

18. How old do pets have to be to be vaccinated?

  Pets should be vaccinated at four months old. Call the Animal Shelter at (980) 484-5100 for more information.

19. How do I get my property zoned?

  Call the Planning and Mapping Department for a list of the requirements for zoning. The number is (704) 484-4979.

20. Who do I call about the tax listing of my property?

  The Tax Assessor's Office handles tax listing. The Tax Assessor is located on the first floor, County Administration Building, 311 East Marion Street, Shelby. The phone number is (704) 484-4911.

21. What does the Cooperative Extension office do?

  The Cooperative Extension office assists the public in the areas of agriculture, lawn and garden, community development, 4H and youth development, family and consumer education. Some of the issues Cooperative Extension can help you with include: tree planting, pest control, stain removal, parenting and landscaping. The Cooperative Extension Office is located in the Cleveland County Building on South Post Road, across from Cleveland Community College. Call (704) 482-4365 for more information.

22. Where can I get information about the Battle of Kings Mountain?

  The Battle of Kings Mountain (October 7, 1780) is considered a turning point of the American Revolution. 900 Patriot troops defeated 1,000 Loyalists led by British Major Patrick Ferguson, who was killed. The plateau of Kings Mountain is in Cleveland County. The battlefield and park are in South Carolina. For further information call the Kings Mountain National Military Park at 864-936-7921.

23. What can I do when I am in Cleveland County?

  Contact Cleveland County Economic Development, located at the Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce. The number is (704) 487-8521.

25. How do I get a passport application?

  Passport applications are available at the Shelby Post Office. The phone number is (704) 487-9057. The Clerk of Court's office in the Law Enforcement Center also has passport applications. The phone number is (704) 476-7800. The passport applications must be sent to the Gastonia Post Office or the Rutherford County Clerk of Court's office to be processed.

26. Does Cleveland County have public transportation?

  Transportation Administration of Cleveland County (TACC) is a non-profit transportation agency that coordinates human service and general public transportation for Cleveland County. The office is located at 952 Airport Road, Shelby, NC 28150. Office hours are 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. Call (704) 482-6465 for more information.