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Cleveland County
 Emergency Management and
 Fire Marshal's Office

Office Number (704)484-4841    Fax Number (704)484-4895
 Mailing Address
 P.O. Box 2232 Shelby, NC 28151

Unfortunately, disasters come in all shapes and sizes and each one may affect our community differently. Cleveland County’s Emergency Management and Fire Marshal’s office is ready to respond to any disaster and prepared to help our citizens get their lives back on track.

During a Disaster

Cleveland County Emergency Management coordinates disaster response during an emergency from its Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Some time the EOC is operated in the field from this one location, staff members are able to coordinate fire, law enforcement and emergency medical service personnel to provide assistance to those parts of our community that need assistance.

During an emergency, the EOC is usually staffed around the clock to provide this coordination and handle various requests for assistance.

What is a Disaster
A disaster can be any thing that affects Cleveland County. Whether it is natural or man-made or a search for a lost persons. With the help of local governments, Fire Department, law enforcement, Rescue Squads, and the Red Cross and other agencies in the county, working together under one unified command system. With one goal the safety and well-being of the citizens in and around Cleveland county.

Helping Citizens
To assist citizens during an emergency, a phone bank is set up in the EOC to handle requests for special assistance, any reports of property damage, power outages and blocked roads If you are in need of assistance with any of these items during an emergency, you should call 704-484-4841.

Cleveland County Emergency Management, in cooperation with Cleveland County's Health department and the American Red Cross, opens emergency shelters centers. When disasters force citizens to evacuate. These shelters may be in different parts of the county depending on where a disaster happens. 

Disaster Recovery
To help our community recover after a disaster, Cleveland County's Emergency Management department works with a network of representatives from state, local and federal agencies as well as organizations such as church groups, and the American Red Cross to provide an array of services for those that have been affected.

To aid in this coordination, on-site Disaster Application Centers are set up to assist victims in determining loss, locating temporary housing and locating financial assistance to replace damaged personal belongings.

Training for Disaster Response
Cleveland County provides training and educational programs for emergency response agencies, business and industry and the general public. These programs, offered through our North Carolina Emergency Management division and the Cleveland community college, covering such topics as hazardous materials response, search and rescue operations, incident command, radiological events and recovery operations. .

Contact Information
Office phone number 704-484-4841
Emergency Management Director of Cleveland County/Fire marshal: Perry Davis