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The Alliance for Health in Cleveland County, Inc. is the county’s certified Healthy Carolinians Partnership.  Healthy Carolinians is a county-wide process to establish public/private partnerships that bring together public health workers, health care providers, human service agencies, civic organizations, churches, schools, businesses, and community members to address the health and safety problems of their community.  These partnerships are established through benchmarks which include:

  1. Establishing a steering committee of community leaders,
  2. Conducting a collaborative community health assessment that engages multiple agencies and community members,
  3. Identifying priorities and
  4. Mobilizing resources and developing interventions to address the priorities.
Press Releases

- Air Quality Flags Fly in Cleveland County.
- Annual Report 2006 - 2007


Healthy Carolinians is driven and led by the energy and vision of a statewide network of local partnerships and facilitated by the Office of healthy Carolinians/Health Education, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services with governance and oversight from the Governor’s Task Force for Healthy Carolinians. 

The Alliance for Health has been a certified Healthy Carolinians Partnership since 1997 and is scheduled for recertification in spring, 2008.  The Alliance has a locally established Board of Directors responsible for meeting the benchmarks described above.  Fifty+ partner members provide collaborative direction to the development of programs meeting identified priorities in the county. 


The Alliance for Health will collaboratively organize, operate and fund a unified system of preventive health initiatives to improve community health.

Priority Area / Objectives

  • Heart Disease: Organize health promotion teams in the faith communities of Cleveland County to organize physical activity and nutrition activities for their members, educating them about cardiobascular disease.
  • Teen Pregnancy: Re-energize the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition, now titled the Youth Resource Council, to address teen pregnancy prevention through community forums, workshops, and preventive programming such as "Wise Guys" curriculum.
  • Asthma: Support the Cleveland County Asthma Coalition in continuing the Basic Asthma Education classes in English and Spanish, holding the Asthma Expo, and Providing continuing education to health car providers and their staff.
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs: Support the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition in community programming such as workshops, presentations, and activities like Red Ribbon Month to reduce substance abuse.
  • Childhood Overweight / Obesity: Initiative to address overweight / obesity in schools, child care centers, faith communities and businesses using children and families as primary target populations; implement Take 10!
    Curriculum, winner's Circle, BeActive, Lunch and Learn Programs.
  • Health Disparities: Engage the Minority Health Council in developing programs for minority community including a Minority Health Conference annually.

Cleveland County 2007: A Community AssessmentCleveland County 2007: A Community Assessment
What Makes a Healthy Community?

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