Cleveland County Health Department
To Assure, enhance, and protect the health of our citizens through education and prevention.
  ---------------------Help Prevent Mosquito Born Disease. Eliminate Standing Water. ----------------------------Protect Your Eyes from the Sun. Wear Sunglasses That Absorb UV Rays and a Brimmed Hat or Cap. ---------------------------
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Denese R. Stallings

Denese R. Stallings

Cleveland County
Health Department


Health Department 05 - 06 Annual Report

- Rabies Case
- Recreational Water Illness
- New Health Department Website
- Air Quality Flags Fly in Cleveland County.
- Tick Borne/Mosquito-Borne Illness Awareness week set.
- Pet turtles can cause Salmonella infection.
- "Alert to parents Pet turtles may be harmful to your children's health".

- U.S. Preparedness to Respond to Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Strengthened by CDC/CSTE Partnership.

- Heightened National Response to HIV/AIDS crisis among African American.

- CDC Influenza Pandemic Operation Plan (OPLAN)


The Cleveland County Health Department's Mission: "To Assure, Enhance and Protect the health of all citizens through Education, Prevention and Protection" is a mission our entire Public Health staff is committed to daily. Our efforts to prevent public health problems before they occur will always be the foundation of our mission.

I personally want to assure all County residents that we will seek to provide customer friendly and quality services wherever we deliver public health services. Every effort will be made to provide public health services and protection you need to live a healthier life. If public health issues or concerns arise we will respond quickly and professionally.

We offer a comprehensive array of services. If you would like more information about the Cleveland County Health Department or a printed copy of our service brochure, please call 704-484-5241 or send your request by Email and we will assist you. For additional information including service sites, schedules, eligibility requirements and fees (if any), please call the telephone number for the specific service listed on the Directory of Services pages.

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